First post… gulp

Welcome to my first blog post!

When I was a child (feels like years ago now) I went on day trips with my Dad which involved going on a plane. We went to Iceland, Lapland, Prague and many more places. The main part from the day the sticks in my brain is the plane ride (as well as visiting the cities)!

We usually travelled on Airtours and it was either a Boeing 757 or a 767. The 757 being Dad’s and my favourite, I always remember asking him why the engine made the famous growl saying it sounded like a motorbike obviously being a little too young to understand the actual reason and the way an engine works.

Spending time with my Dad on these aircraft brought my love of aviation and I spend now spend my life travelling round world getting paid to do it and also going to many countries to see what photos I can capture at the airports.


A day trip to Lapland this time with Mum and Dad


A burning question you may have…. so what will I be reading if I stick with your blog?

I want to share my interest of aviation and my adventures that I go on, I hope you enjoy reading it and if you have any suggestions or comments please let me know.

Thanks and enjoy




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