A delay is better than a disaster 

Nick and I went to see Sully today at the cinema and I came out and thought I had to write about this (I’ll try not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it)

Although I went into this film knowing the story and what happened I still felt so emotional seeing it all unfold hearing the cabin crew/ flight attendants shouting their commands to passengers and the evacuation how everyone came together to get everyone off and on dry land in 24 minutes! I’ve had to shout commands myself during training for my job as cabin crew and I always felt nervous sat there knowing I would hear the command brace brace brace etc even though it was just training.

(Not my photo)

I go to work, get on the aircraft and sit in my jump seat ready for take off thinking about what I’ll do when I get down route or how I can’t wait for a nap and also saying the commands in my head should the worst happen and that split second something happens I know that I could get passengers off an aircraft quickly and safely due to the training I’ve had.

I’ve never seen an aviation film that is pretty much spot on there’s always the bits where we think well that’s a made up plane or that would never happen but Sully wasn’t one of those films. The end of the film without revealing any spoilers brought a tear to my eye and definitely made the film.

If you haven’t seen the film yet I really suggest you go and see it!


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