All about Atlanta

I’m currently on a 2 night trip here in Atlanta Georgia! I’ve brought my other half Nick with me to explore, here’s what we’ve been up to today!

We were going to go to the Delta museum but found out it’s closed on a Wednesday (Boo!!) so decided to try the World of Coca-Cola, we really enjoyed it especially getting to taste all the drinks that they produce around the world in the tasting room where there is about 100 drinks to taste!! It shows the branding of it through out the years including the bottle, adverts around the world and the history of Pemberton for $16 per adult we thought it was great value and you get to enjoy a free Coca-Cola on arrival!!

Next door is Georgia Aquarium, I love a good aquarium and this is no let down! It has different areas and each area has a theme such as ocean voyager, cold water quest etc. I can honestly say this is the best aquarium I have ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot!)

We saw Belgua whales and we can definitely see why Airbus named their aircraft the beluga! In ocean voyager they have Whale Sharks I’ve never seen anything so big and so close, I can definitely say that’s why I hate going in the sea because you never know what’s underneath you. Nick’s favourite are Sea Lions so we had to go and watch the show (must admit I did enjoy it too).

We’ll be flying home tomorrow evening so won’t be doing a lot. We’ve had a fab trip and I’m looking forward to the next trip where it’s ‘take your fiancé to work day’


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