The best job in the world

Just over 6 months ago with a certain red airline I began my journey as cabin crew again. Having already flown with Monarch a few years ago I knew what the training would involve. How the next month would involve tears, stress, a lot of revision and of course some laughs along the way. All leading up to getting my wings.

After 25 exams, with sometimes one a day for a week. A lot of practicals, including shouting at the topic my lungs, climbing into rafts and learning CPR, I received my shiny pair of wings. After 3 days off my flying career started again, first stop Chicago!!!

If anyone ever tells you that being crew is just serving tea and coffee or the famous chicken or beef let me tell you now it’s not. My first flight was nerve racking, hard work but also rewarding. Putting into place all the training I did and getting to fly with my best friend made it all worth while. The most exciting thing from my first fight? Experiencing take off and landing up front and for anyone who knows me will know I had the biggest smile on my face ever as those engines started up.

I’ve now completed my first 6 months and have travelled to some amazing destinations including New York, San Francisco and Montego Bay to name a few, not forgetting the less glamourous Lagos (which isn’t as bad as you think). I’ve seen some amazing views from my ‘office window’ including Greenland, the supermoon and cities from above.

Every time I put on my uniform I remind myself how lucky I am to be in the most amazing job, that I’m passionate about and love so much. Not forgetting a job where I can take my family and friends with me (take your fiancé to work day)!! I’ve never loved a job as much as I do this one and have to pinch myself sometimes when I’m sat on a beach or exploring a new city that I actually get paid to do this! For anyone thinking about giving it a go and applying with any airline, I would say DO IT!!

Photos from my trips away including trips when Nick has tagged along


‘Your wings already exist all you have to do is fly…. ✈️’


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