Where in the world am I going next… January



I’m not sure how this will go down but I thought I would do a post every month to share my work roster with you for the next month. Every month around the 10th we get our roster or schedule for the month coming up. It’s a nerve-racking but exciting time wondering where in the world I’ll be travelling to and what I can plan for my days off or for any leave I have.

I got my January roster a few days ago and after constantly refreshing emails every minute it came through!!

My first trip for 2017 will be to NEW YORK!! What a perfect way to start the year, I love New York taking a walk around Central Park, exploring new places and obviously having a little look in the shops!

I’ve then got a week off so will have to decide where to go with Nick then, we’re thinking somewhere in Europe where there will be snow (Nick’s idea) but will let you know where we go!

Feeling refreshed I’m then off to the home of Mickey Mouse! I like an Orlando flight, getting to see excited families off on their holidays and not forgetting going to universal is my favourite thing (Harry Potter addict here).

My next trip I’m hoping to take Nick with me as it’s 2 nights in Las Vegas. It won’t be horribly hot so I’d like to go to the Grand Canyon by helicopter as I’ve heard it’s amazing. Although I don’t love Vegas I do think it’s an amazing place and the sights are one of a kind so I’d like to share it with Nick before the heat comes!

My last trip of the month will be to Newark, I love where we stay in here as you can see Manhattan from the hotel and the view is amazing both at night and in the day. Plus it’s a nice walk along the Hudson River seeing the skyline from a distance gives you a great perspective!


To end the month I finally have my 787 training. I am so excited for this as it opens up more destinations for me and means I’ll be rated on every aircraft that we have in our fleet! It means more studying and exams (oh and shouting) but it’ll be worth it, plus everyone always says how amazing it is to work on, so i’ll be able to find out soon!

I hope this post is something you enjoy reading about if so I’ll carry on doing it every month!


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