A day in the life of me! 

Hello first post of 2017 and thought I’d start with what my day is like when I go to work!

My first flight of the New Year was to New York, it started with a 09:30 check in time which means I have to drop my bag and be through security before that time obviously grabbing a drink and some breakfast in departures on my way to our crew room.

Once there I sign myself in, meet other crew in there and take a look at any new safety notices that have come into place. Then comes the brief, we all sit in a room and our manager for the flight goes through the important information for the flight i.e. What the loads are, about the aircraft and also if there are any important people on the flight. Next comes the scary questions! Each crew member gets asked a safety related question, if we don’t answer it correctly we get asked 2 more and if we don’t answer them then we don’t get to fly….. see I told you it was scary!!! Usually after, the pilots come in and tell us long the flight will be and also whether it’ll be bumpy, smooth or a bit of both. Oh and then we discuss whether we’ll be going for drinks or food when we get there (priorities and all that!)

Once on the aircraft we do our safety checks and get everything ready to welcome our customers onto the flight! Once we’re boarded it’s time to get going…. and hopefully a nice swift taxi out of Heathrow anyone who travels out of Heathrow knows it can take a while haha.

Once in the air it’s time for us to actually do some work and the let the services begin. We start with drinks and the most yummy pretzels ever, then comes meals, hot drinks, duty free and the last service of afternoon tea. In between that we get to eat (which involves trying everything I can get my hands on!), we also get to have a little sleep to keep us going this ranges from 40 minutes to a couple of hours depending on the flight time.

After what feels like hours since I started it’s time to prepare the cabin for landing. We say our final goodbyes, put the heels back on (and coat depending on where we are) and make our way to see the passport people where they take our finger prints and our photo (which after hours in the sky can look horrific).

We’ve made it to the hotel and it’s time to let our hair down, explore where we are or if it’s been a late flight let our head hit the pillow and get some sleep before we do it all again the next day or in a few days!

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