Where in the world am I going next… February 

Today was roster day!!!! After flying all day and landing into Orlando it was a quick login to find out where I’m heading!
I’m starting February with a standby block! For those that are unsure what this is it’s a day where between certain times crewing can call me with a 2 hour notice to get to the airport and jump on a plane to wherever they need me! Stressful as you never quite know what do you pack… I’ll let you know how that goes next month or on twitter if you follow me.

The most exciting trip on my roster is my first trip on a 787 to Los Angeles!!!! Can’t wait to see that Hollywood sign and explore a new place. Any recommendations send them my way please!

Miami is a city I love and excited to be going again! They have a really nice club we usually go to for breakfast it’s so pretty and the beach is so nice, can’t wait for some winter sun!

I have a week off which will be busy busy busy! Ending the month with a trip to the Big Apple a city I love!

Very excited for February!

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