Vegas…. in winter! 

My first visit to Las Vegas was last year in August! As you’d expect it was hot and I don’t just mean the sun beating down I mean the humidity was so bad that I felt like I could just become a puddle on the floor! Basically my idea of hell so when I saw a Vegas on my January roster I thought finally nice cool temperatures means I can explore for a change rather than trying to make it from one air conditioned place to another!

Not your usual Vegas thing to do but the outlets here are pretty amazing and being winter it meant they weren’t horrendously busy (winner!!) after a long 10 hour flight there’s nothing I love more than hitting the shops for a bit, spending money on things I think I need! Then grabbing some food (Chipotle is my choice with lots of guacamole!!!!).

After the most amazing 13 hour sleep of my life it’s time to hit the strip and see the delights, when I’m just mooching around as I like to call it I’m more than happy to go on my own as I can choose where to go unfortunately for me this time my phone decided it didn’t charge overnight so no photos (bad Lindzze)!

If you ever visit here you must go and see a show whether it be cirque de soleil or in our case Zombie Burlesque the shows are amazing! Anyway Zombie Burlesque…

We paid about $64 for our VIP tickets which included a free drink and seats close to the stage! We really didn’t know what to expect with this apart from girls in some pretty underwear… after an hour and a half of singing, laughing, watching an old man enjoy a lap dance (I think it was), seeing a lot of flesh which I’ll spare the details, oh and not forgetting the part where we all felt like we needed to get to the gym for those body goals the show finished and it was so good!

With a 2 night trip you can pack so much in and by the end I was definitely ready to fly home but I have to say my love for Vegas has grown after seeing it in the winter!


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