A new aircraft for me! 

I had my Boeing 787 training today!!

Thought I’d do a little blog post about my day so you can see what we go through.

We started at 9am at The Base and went through the differences in Avmed (aviation medicine) this involves any equipment that is different from the other aircraft we’re trained on.

It then came to one of the parts that I dread… door drills! Having to open a door remembering to do that 100% correct while shouting out my evacuation commands makes me so anxious, even though once I’ve done it I think to myself why do I get so worked up? I know it’s because I always doubt the commands are in my head but as soon as I’m in that seat it all just spews out!

Before my the training day came around I had chance to revise and learn the Portable equipment location diagrams (PELDs – ask any cabin crew member about these and they will say how stressful they are!) we basically have to learn where all he equipment is stowed on the aircraft. Although you revise and revise it’s something I never feel confident about and dread those questions in exams.

Believe it or not systems on aircraft are all different and the 787 is no different including those call bells! After learning everything we need to know about decompression, fires, general calls it’s time to sit the exam!!

When you sit down and you’re ready to start the exam I don’t know about anyone else but my heart starts racing and I start to feel so hot, but I click on the start button and 30 minutes later after triple checking my answers I click the finish and submit button where to me it feels like the longest wait ever as you wait for your results and there it is in black and white….100% PASS!!!!

Now bring on Los Angeles, San Francisco, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Deli and Hong Kong!

Feeling very proud of myself today!


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