Standby Life

For those that aren’t too sure what standby is, it’s the most stressful time of the month for any cabin crew member. Basically we sit at home make up done/ hair up waiting to hear the phone ring and to get the “Hi Lindzze, I’m so sorry but we need you for the New York/ San Francisco or Los Angeles flight” you get the idea.


You have to be organised and prepared so packing for this is so hard, you could end up in New York where it’s snowing and freezing or you could land into a hot Carribean destination. I’ve got so many different clothes in my bag right now for every eventuality as well as my usual toiletries, books (Harry Potter is my choice), iPad and the odd snack for when I have the munchies.

Although I haven’t had the call this week both advantages and disadvantages to this:


  1. It’s meant I can pack up my life again into boxes due to us moving house!
  2. I have spent some quality time with Nick watching films, baking and generally being us.
  3. I have managed to organise my life (this was needed)
  4. I’ve watched so many films and snuggled while the weather is awful outside
  5. I have caught up on soooo much sleep!


  1. I hate not knowing what’s happening – I like routine and knowing when my next flight is, where i’m going etc.
  2. I’ve missed out on some sun, or sightseeing!
  3. using make up I didn’t need to (girl problems!)
  4. PAY!! No flying means no flight pay or trip pay! BOO!

Standby is now over so I have days off to enjoy worry free, back to the skies on Wednesday as I’m off to LAX with Nick (take your fiance to work day yay!!!)

Lindzze x

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