Dreaming in LA

Yesterday I landed back from Los Angeles the place of dreams where in the films people go to make it ‘big’ as they say! Well I didn’t make it big but I came back feeling like I definitely did everything I wanted to see, I took Nick (take your fiance to work day) and we had a blast! It was also my first flight on the 787 after my training in January.

The flighimg_3876t out was so good, the 787 is literally a dream to work on and although I didn’t have a clue where anything was in the galley it was great. After a 10 hour 23 flight we touched down into a foggy LAX.

Due to the time we landed we didn’t really due much on the first night apart from plan for the next day, got some room service (the best pizza ever) and watched a film! Obviously with jet lag we were up bright and early and didn’t hang around, we went for breakfast in a typical American Diner and then started the hike to the Hollywood Sign!

The hike for us started at Sunset Ranch and although we weren’t doing it on horseback (I did want to but Nick said no, think he’s scared haha!) we walked through the ranch and started our ascent. The walk gave some amazing views so breathtaking and we could see the planes lining up for arrival which obviously gave us some geeky time and even though it was so hot with no wind I am so glad we did it.



If you need to get around LA I definitely suggest Uber it was so cheap and a great way to get around. We used an Uber from Sunset Ranch to Hollywood Boulevard and did the Hollywood walk of fame finding all our favourite stars was pretty cool, we saw the famous hand and footprints at the chinese theatre which was pretty cool and even though I put my hands in some I did think eww imagine the germs haha!


You can’t go to LA and not go to Beverly Hills so we decided to book a tour to see Celeb houses which also took us to Sunset Boulevard, Rodeo Drive and into the Hollywood Hills. I can honestly say some of those houses were amazing we saw the houses of Bruno Mars, Gwen Stefani, Elvis Presley’s old house, the house where Micheal Jackson lived before he died and the houses of Carrie Fisher and her Mum Debbie Reynolds they both lived next to each other and it was a bit weird to see the houses look very empty! I really enjoyed the tour and would 100% recommend it to anyone wanting to do a tour although I would say take some suncream as my face is burnt and the classic sunglasses marks are back!

We had a fab flight home and Nick enjoyed the trip, I do enjoy my trips more when Nick is there as it means we pack loads in it and I just enjoy spending time with him! Who knows where he will come with me next but I hope it’s not too long…

Lindzze x

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