Exploring Toulouse

Thought I’d share with you our trip to Toulouse in 2015 as I thought about it today haha. 

In July Nick and I jetted off to the Home of Airbus in the hope that I would get my fix of seeing an A350 and the impressive Beluga! 

I can tell you now that if we were to go again we would A) take factor 50 suncream, I’ve never burnt so bad ever I was a walking lobster…and B) hire a car instead of taking the long walk from the terminal to the spotting location we used due to them typically landing the way they don’t usually land according to all forums and spotting websites. 
The weather was blue sky so perfect for our photos although we had a bit of heat haze to contend with! After our first day of spotting it was time to head back to the hotel which had the most amazing artwork of the aircraft (definitely something I wanted to take with me)! 

The next day we were up early to head to the place where the magic happens, in this case the Airbus Factory. We’d booked a tour to see the A380s in build and although we couldn’t take photos it was amazing!!!! To see an A380 naked (in its green shell) with all the wiring going in is something else, lucky for Nick we saw BA’s next one at the time G-XLEK which we now see flying which is pretty cool if you ask me! 

After the tour we went to look round the museum where there were a number of different aircraft to visit including an A300, a super guppy as well as a Concorde. 

On our last day we did a bit more spotting and also ventured into the city and wow so beautiful with the river and obviously seeing all the planes landing is amazing as they’re quite low before they do their circuits. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about this! 

If you’d like to see my photos in better quality please check out my Flickr account! 

Lindzze x

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