Where in the world am I going…April


Haven’t posted in a while as been busy but I know have my roster for April and what roster it is! 

Starting the month with a little trip to a favourite of mine Atlanta! Some people don’t like it but I love the hotel! I’d love to get to the Delta Museum but by the time we land it’s too late. Maybe if I get a two nighter again! 

My next trip is probably the trip of the month!! HONG KONG… I feel so lucky as these flights are so highly requested usually so great that I got one! I hope that I can either take Nick with me or some of the crew will want to see all the sights with me! That will definitely be an amazing trip all the walking and exploring! Eek! 

I land back from Hong Kong to a block of the dreaded standby again this time it’ll be from 6am until 13:00 who knows where I’ll be going! Packing for the unknown haha. 

I was very surprised to see Recurrent or SEP on my roster already! Has it really been a year…? For those that are unsure what this means it means that between now and the 24th I’ll be studying all my manuals looking at my location diagrams ready to sit the annual exams just like I did on my training. All hosties have to do these every year so we’re safe to carry on flying the skies. Absolutely dreading this not going to lie haha! 

Anyone for safari? My last trip is to johannesburg! First trip here so I’m really wanting to do the horse riding safari and see some elephants and giraffes! It’s hard to think that this is my job sometimes! 

I hope you enjoy my posts each month about my roster! 
Lindzze x

2 thoughts on “Where in the world am I going…April

  1. Dave says:

    So do you get to choose where you go and whether you go long haul or is that made for you?
    Do you get an annual salary or are you paid per trip (and do the longer trips pay more)?
    What about hotels? Do you book them? Do the airline?


    • lindzzescott says:

      We can set a preference e.g. East coast, Far East and we can also put a request in! We always do long haul as that’s all Virgin fly! We get a annual salary and also trip pay! Hotels are already booked for us which is great!


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