So it’s been birthday month and Nick (my fiancĂ©) asked what I wanted… I wasn’t really sure so he said well we could go away! 

On Sunday we went to the Big Apple!!! Nick had booked us tickets with British Airways where we got Club World and we zoomed across the Atlantic on our Boeing 747 towards JFK. We had a great flight and some of the crew were lovely! They didn’t have my choice of breakfast and me being a bit of a fussy eater didn’t like anything else, a crew member came back with a plate of pancakes from first. Little touches like that make it memorable for me! 
I managed to watch about two films which of course included Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them (for anyone that doesn’t know I’m am a HUGE Harry Potter fan so this film was an instant love! 

We arrived into JFK and after the nervous wait for our bags (always get nervous that it won’t make it anyone else get this?) we got into our transfer to the RIU plaza Times Square where our room was ready and waiting. We had the whole afternoon to explore and set off on the subway to the 9/11 Memorial. 

Although I’ve been here before and obviously it’s been years since 9/11 happened, just walking towards the memorial and the fountains which now stand in place make you feel overwhelmed, in my opinion you can definitely tell something atrocious happened here. I definitely walked round with tears in my eyes especially hearing the phone calls from people on the planes to their loved ones, seeing items from planes such as seat belts, seat covers and wreckage from the planes. Every time I fly I get on that plane and don’t even think about something bad happening, but when you read about what happened and see footage is brings it into your head but I wouldn’t stop doing what I love. Walking round you see parts of the original twin towers the foundations, the slurry wall which holds back the river is still standing and yet the metal girders are bent into what could be seen to some as a piece of art. There is so much emotion in there and I’ve never known a museum if that’s what you call it as silent as this place is, I find it really hard to put it into works how I felt walking round, even typing this and looking at my photos makes me feel emotional. I would 100% recommend going I think it’s something that everyone should see.

Onto a happier note the next day we walked around Central Park which was still covered in snow and was so beautiful and peaceful even though you’re in such a busy city I’d love to explore it all but we had other plans including a trip to Tiffany and Co seen as that’s the home of my engagement ring we couldn’t not go! After walking up 5th avenue we got in the lift to go to the 67th floor of the Rockefeller Centre, the views were amazing it was a clear day and we could see JFK, LGA and the Statue of Liberty! We must have spent a few hours up there playing eye spy (yes we are that cool) looking at every angle and going up another two levels to the 69th floor. After coming back down we decided to check out Grand Central and wow only in America would you get a train station like that, it’s amazing the ceiling is beautifully painted, just everything about it is breathtaking. 

That night we went for tea in Times Square to the Olive Garden as Italian food is probably my favourite! After tea it was time to head to the theatre to see CATS!!!!! Now Nick really isn’t a fan of musicals so huge fiancĂ© points to him for this me being a musicals fan loved this and thought the singing and dancing was amazing! Obviously helps if you know all the songs (which I do and were singing in my head), I think Nick was just happy to have a beer.

Our last day and oh did we make it count we couldn’t visit New York and not go to the Intrepid museum plus we’re trying to see all the BA Concorde’s around the world! This museum is amazing it looks small but it’s so deceiving, we first went on Growler the Submarine and it was impressive but I didn’t like the feeling of it swaying and knowing I was underwater made me feel weird after looking round all the rooms (if that’s what you call them) we climbed back up and back onto solid land! There were a lot of aircraft to look at which we loved as well as the space shuttle and looking around Missile which was involved in the Vietnam War! If you haven’t been you need to!! 

Our flight home was with my airline Virgin and we came back via Newark as it’s quieter also it’s a 787! We enjoyed time in the lounge eating and drinking before boarding our plane and enjoying the upper class service we offer, I watched Sully while drinking my hot chocolate and eating my shortbread biscuits, perfect before snuggling up in bed for a good sleep! 

We both had an amazing time in New York and getting to spend time with Nick is always a pleasure he really does treat me and I’m so lucky to be marrying him! 

Who knows where our next adventure will be

Lindzze x

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