My flying skincare

I know not everyone will be interested in this, however I feel this is an important subject for anyone that travels regularly! 

My skincare routine is pretty much solid now, I’ve worked out what my skin needs when and what works the best and what doesn’t. All my skincare and make up is from The Body Shop, I really cannot reccomend their products enough! 

When I’m not flying my skin is dry and sensitive and flying just increases that! The air is so dry up there that your skin suffers so much, so,I always make sure my skin is quenched! 

My favourite go to item is my Vitamin E face spray. I always keep it to hand and when I’m feeling a bit tired, and my skin is looking a bit dry and dull I give it a few sprays and instantly I feel awake and my skin feels better! I’ll pop some links to all the products I list at the bottom. 

The Body Shop do an amazing range of moisturisers called Oils Of Life. It’s a thick creamy moisturiser for the day, as well as a night cream and an oil which I always put on both day and night. Once I’ve put my day moisturiser on I add a quick pump of the Vitamin E face serum for extra moisture and I can then put my foundation/BB cream on top without it going dry or patchy! 

After a flight and wearing make up for many hours it’s time to take it off (the best feeling in the world for me)! I use a range of products including the Vitamin E cleanser and toner as well as the Camomile eye and lip remover, this removes even the most stubborn of red lipsticks trust me!! If I’m popping in the shower straight away I will use the Drops of Youth liquid peel it’s so satisfying feeling my make up come off and knowing any dirt is off my skin plus it feels so soft after. 

Once my make up is off I put on the drops of youth serum and then the oils of life facial oil. I’ve recently started using the Vitamin E eye cream as prevention is better than cure haha! To finish this off I put on my oils of life night cream and when I wake up the next day my skin still feels soft and moisturised. 

I still have so many more products to talk about as if you can’t tell already I love the body shop products. I will do another blog post on these as I take them with me on trips and use them everyday. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Lindzze x

Links to products: 

 Vitamin E Face Mist

Oils Of Life day cream
Oils Of Life night cream
Vitamin E moisture serum
Oils Of Life facial oil
Vitamin E cleanser
Vitamin E toner
Camomile eye make up and lip remover
Drops of Youth liquid peel
Drops of Youth facial concentrate
Vitamin E eye cream

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