Pros and cons of a Cabin Crew job

I thought I’d write about the pros and cons of my job as I do get a few people asking me what it’s like etc. I’ve done both short and long haul now so feel like this is something I can answer but obviously my list might be different to other peoples lists!

To a lot of people most see the job as glamourous oh and easy! Getting paid to travel to amazing places, lots of free time, serving tea and coffee not forgetting the famous chicken or beef. Walking through the airport like Leonardo Di Caprio and his Pan Am crew in Catch Me if You Can, trust me it’s not!

Glamorous life

I have to admit that I do still pinch myself that the job I do is actually a job and yes I get paid to lay on a beach or explore a new city so there are definitely advantages.

Pros of being cabin crew (I love a pro con list haha)

Have you ever sat on a plan and started talking to a crew member? If not why? I LOVE talking to our customers and finding out why they are travelling what they’re doing while they’re there and also just information about them (let’s be honest it makes the customers flight amazing too)! Getting to meet new customers and even our regulars is such a pleasure for me and I like to think that I’ve made their day a little bit better.

The views while flying are spectacular, I always make a point to look out the window and grab a photo of the view whether it be mountains, snow, ocean, clouds or a sunset. I’ve even been lucky enough to watch the northern lights I mean who can do that in an office job. I like to call my office the most amazing office ever I mean I do love planes after all.

I have taken my fiancé Nick with me on a trip on so many occasions, I’m so lucky that I can take him to work with me and have an adventure and also share my world (he also appreciates how hard I work now!!) this is definitely one of my favourite things about my job.

Working with different crew each other you’d think it was hard to make friends and stay in contact but I’ve made some fab friends out of flying. One who even lives 10 minutes away from me what are the chances! It also means we know how hard landing day is for each other too haha.

Work life balance is massive for me and my airline is great with rostering, I definitely spend more time at home than I do at work and I can tailor my roster to suit my needs by swapping flights or requesting flights as well as adding in a preference for example east coast, west coast etc.

Now onto the cons… every job has them! 

Obviously the main one is probably missing out on some celebrations i.e. Christmas. It’s part of the job and I accept that however it’s still a bummer and let’s be honest no one wants to work Christmas.

Jet lag, this affects people in different ways. Myself? I don’t really suffer I’m told it’s because I’m young I like to think it’s because I’m superwoman anyway there are ways to work through it i.e. Getting into a routine on landing day. I know some people really struggle waking up at 2am if they’ve done a West coast etc.

A strange one but it can be dangerous.. ever read about turbulence injuring crew. Turbulence can occur so suddenly I’ve been lifted off the floor a few times luckily never been injured but it does happen.

Standby! I wouldn’t say it was a con but it’s definitely something I don’t enjoy, not knowing where I’m going or if I’m going is stressful and if I do get that call I feel stressed knowing I have to get to the airport within a certain time. I get the whole no sleep before standby for sure worrying.

If you don’t like people and find them hard work this is definitely not the job for you, don’t get me wrong we all get fed up with some but I still love my job and love a good chat with our customers.

As I’ve said before some people will have different pros and cons to me, these are probably the main ones for me but if you have any questions feel free to ask. I hope it’s given you a little insight as to what I love about my job and I hope my passion has come through.

Lindzze x

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