When you finally get that email…. 


I know I know I haven’t posted in ages! Been very busy with things going on in my life (all exciting)! 

So at the beginning of this month I celebrated my one year anniversary of flying, worked out a few stats as well being the geek that I am! 

  • I’ve travelled to 16 destinations with a few more on our flying network to go (fingers crossed I get these)! 
  • Flown on A340-600s, 787s, A330s and 747s and have found that G-VFIZ seems to always take me when I fly on the 600! 
  • I’ve worked 55 flights in one year (imagine how many meals that is chicken or beef?) 
  • I’ve done my first annual exams (hated my life at that moment in time) 

I can’t believe how quickly time has flown (haha yes I went there) I’ve had the time of my life and still loving my job if you can call it that! I’ve passed my 12 month review and had amazing feedback which always makes me feel better. 

However my most recent and the best news is that I have been offered a permanent contract to stay in the skies forever (or until I’m sick of it… is that possible). For anyone that has worked as Cabin Crew they know how hard it is being on a fixed term contract for 6 months not knowing if you’ll have a job at the end of it so to be offered this is amazing! So so proud for all my hard work I’ve put in (yay go me!!)

At the moment I am living in Orlando thanks to a Manchester roster! Lesson learnt though – put a decent request in!! I’ll do a little post of my August roster asap for those that are interested! 

Once again sorry for not posting in ages and thank you for continuing to read my little posts, if you have any ideas as to what you’d like to read please let me know very open to ideas!! 

Lindzze x

4 thoughts on “When you finally get that email…. 

  1. Michael Barfoot says:

    Good stuff!! Really enjoying the insight into your job and especially with virgin! Congratulations on getting the job permanently! Keep up the good work

    Twitter – Obimick


      • Michael Barfoot says:

        Thanks for your reply! Virgin my favourite airline so its wonderful to see your side of it. My next virgin holiday is 277 days away!! Haha not that I’m counting! Off to Florida from Gatwick, me and my wife taking our 3 year old so should be fun! One day I’ll be going on a a350 or Dreamliner that wioukd be amazing but going to soak up possibly my last flights on the queen


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