Work holiday in Boston!

Being based out Manchester means that flights such as Boston are long trips and so much fun we flew for 6 hours and 37 minutes for 4 nights of fun in Boston and back on my beloved Airbus!

4 nights well what is there to do you might add?? I always find the best way to see a place is to just walk and see what you find. Boston is a beautiful city and I may even go as far to say better than New York but for very different reasons!

Most of my crew had brought friends and family and unfortunately for me Nick couldn't come (boo team blue!!). Our first evening and a group of 5 plus one little rascal went out to Hard Rock Cafe for some well earned food, I made friends with the little rascal that came with us and he kept telling me on our next holiday (think he thought I'd be coming with him again) that he wanted to go on a beach so we could go rock pooling! Cute! We all sort of crashed after that and were very ready to jump into our beds and catch up on some rest (first night is always the hardest).

Breakfast club!! Hotels that do buffets are just a crews best friend, filling up ready for a day of watching the Red Sox at Fenway park was a must do on our list! It was a glorious sunny but hot day and although we had no idea what was going on we cheered along when necessary wore our red foam fingers with pride and soaked up the atmosphere, I would highly recommend this! It was an all day adventure and obviously we had a hot dog while there (Red Sox till we die!!)

I always take a book with me on trips as you never know when you'll get to time to relax in a park and Boston's park is a perfect reading place. The little squirrels jumping round and the ducks!

Shopping in Boston is pretty good especially because it's tax free! We went and had a cheeky look in Tiffany's, found a lovely little stationary shop, Paper Source that anyone with a love of stationary should check out I got a book for my bucket list which is amazing will post photos when I open it!

On the 3rd day we all went into Boston after breakfast and just meandered around the shops and the park taking in the weather eating ice cream, feeling like a local! There is literally so much to do in and around Boston. When I get another one I will definitely venture out catching a flight to Martha's Vineyard and even Bermuda (we had a look at standby flights but we just didn't plan it in advance)!

I did enjoy just looking out of my room window from our hotel the view was so good! Especially if you like planes haha, lucky for me!!

If you've never thought about going to Boston before I would 100% recommend it! I will be going again to show Nick the sights!

Lindzze x

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