Where In the World am I going… September

Summer seems to be going so quickly, bit scary really!

Anyway I recevied my roster for September and as this may be my last Manchester one before I go back to London I'm actually quite happy with it.

I've managed to swap my first trip for days off so it's given me a week off yay!! It's actually my Mum's birthday at the beginning of the month so I get to spend her birthday weekend with her… need to plan something for her now!

My first trip of the month takes me back to Boston (yes!!!!) this time for 3 nights, as you know from my previous blog post Work holiday in Boston! I have a new love for Boston and so I'm more than happy to go back, wonder what I'll get upto this time and if we'll be as lucky with the weather. I'm going to have a look at flights to Martha's Vineyard or Buffalo so I can get to Niagara Falls experience something new.

Whenever I go to Orlando I seem to have a routine their now haha, I drop all my bags to my room get changed go to the food court and get some food (so much choice but there's a pretty amazing Italian place and I usually go there) and head back to my room to chill out before hitting the shops in the morning before I fly home, so with an Orlando on the cards this will be my plan (unless some of the crew want to go out… which I'm happy to tag along with!)

I'm heading back to San Francisco for the first time since I got engaged to Nick however this one is a one night trip as I position back into Heathrow yay (secretly I have missed it)…. Never positioned before so will see what happens!

I have leave from the end of September all the way into October so my last trip is 2 nights in Las Vegas, I'm really hoping I can take someone with me to do the helicopter to the Grand Canyon and of course a buffet you can't go to Vegas and not have a buffet!! It won't be a messy one as I want to feel refreshed for my holiday with Nick!


I hope you still enjoy reading these posts that I do every month! I really appreciate everyone that reads them, likes or comments!

Lindzze x

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