Standby surprise…. Vegas

I recevied the call that I'm needed for a 4 night trip to Las Vegas… the first thought that goes my head the HEAT and also hoping all the crew haven't all got companions (we can take friends and family with us on trips!).

I rock up to crew check in and find the crew who are coming to Vegas with me, I find this to be the hardest part of the day walking into the crew room and meeting your crew for the trip (makes me really anxious and nervous but once It's over and I'm chatting away it's fine). Briefing done and phew there's a few people without companions!

A lovely quick flight time of 8 hours 37 gets us to Las Vegas flying right over Greenland with the most spectacular views, we were all looking out of the window realising how lucky we are that this is our office and we're flying above a magical view!


Myself and a few other crew had planned our days here in Vegas, the first day involving a day of shopping in the outlets, we had a great day shopping had a bite to eat there as well and was then ready to head back on the bus back to the hotel to drop our bags off and head back out to Caesars Palace for some cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory, both myself and the other crew member I was with didn't manage to finish it so we took it back with us and decided to walk back along the strip with a bit more shopping on the way!

If you've been to Vegas and never had a buffet in a hotel you really are missing out! We decided to head to The Wynn for a "Alice In Wonderland" style buffet, there's two types of buffets an endless pour or just the regular, I'm sure you can work out what the endless pour one is (yes drinks drinks and more drinks!!) the food at The Wynn is amazing, food from all around the world with the dessert section something on another level! We spent just over 3 hours here haha before walking back in the riduclous heat, through as many casinos and hotels as we could before stopping for a few drinks and then continuing the walk!

Our last full day was definitely my favourite, our Captain had mentioned hiring a few boats and taking them out on Lake Mead for the day, we got a large boat with a slide, bar and a gas BBQ and a smaller speed boat as there was so many of us we needed two! We travelled out on the lake and stopped for a swim to keep us cool while the food cooked had some cracking music on and just had a chilled relaxed day!



The highlight was getting to see the Hoover Dam courtesy of the Captain, that is one ticked off the bucket list doing things like this makes me feel so grateful that I get opportunities to have experiences such as this because of my job!

We got picked up at 5pm and got our limo (yes limo) back to our hotel, we were all so drained from the heat but managed to head out for some food before hitting our beds!


We all really bonded on that trip and it felt like a break up when we landed and headed home! This trip will definitely go down as the best Vegas trip I've done and one of the best trips.

If you want any info on what we did drop me a message and I'll get back to you!

Lindzze x


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