Seven Magic Mountains

It’s 3am in Vegas and I’m wide awake so thought I’d share with you what I got up to yesterday.

We ventured out into the desert yesterday to visit something called the Seven Magic Mountains… when I was first told about this I was interested and needed to investigate!

Anyway after a 25 minute drive from the strip we made it to what can only be described as a strikingly colourful Stone Henge as you’ll see from my photos!!

I really enjoyed taking photos of this today even though it was the middle of the day the heat wasn’t too much of an issue, I’d love to go at sunset or sunrise to get something different. There were so many angles I took and wanted to take but when you’re with other people it’s so hard!

The art is only here for 2 years and now only has until March before it goes! So if you’re in Vegas go while you can and check out their website

I never get many photos of myself as i find that I never like what people take of me haha!! Bad I know but people just don’t take them how I want and they’re never as good as what I’d take of them.. so I was kind of the photographer!

Sorry haven’t posted in a while… life is hectic at the minute but hopefully sorting itself out!

I really appreciate everyone that takes the time to read my ramblings!

Lindzze x

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