Hello again and happy Sunday!

So as you might have noticed I haven’t written a post in a while. I have what people say writers block.

I’ve been trying to think what you lovely readers/followers would like to see, I have a few ideas but nothing amazing so I’m coming to you guys for help!

What would you like to see meempty my brain about? Do you enjoy the monthly roster blog posts I do? Or do you want to know more about my role i.e. how I deal with jet lag, what I’ve been up down route as well as trips and holidays I’ve taken outside of work?

I am sorry for not posting anything however confidence is a big thing with me and I don’t believe in myself hence why no posts, I tell myself over and over that they’re no good and no one wants to read them…. I know that’s not true though as sometimes I have a lot of readers so a big thank you to you lovely lot!

Anyway, if you have been missing out please feel free to check out my Instagram where as always I have posted my life in photos (something that I REALLY enjoy doing no matter how many people look. Likes and comments etc really don’t matter to me).

Lindzze x

ps don’t forget to comment any ideas and give me a follow thank you!

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