Days at home… and relax or not!

On average I work around 3-6 flights a month all depending on how long the trip is! The longer the trip the more days it takes up on my roster resulting in more days off. Work can be so tiring sometimes dealing with jet lag etc etc, so days off can be precious and meaning time to recuperate in my own crazy way! Most people like to enjoy their days off by not doing a lot of doing the general day to day jobs… not me!!

I don’t really seem to get jet lag (I’ll do another post on this to share my top tips on dealing with it) so my days off can be pretty busy! I LOVE being in the outdoors and the countryside so you’ll probably find me walking the North Yorkshire coastal path or in a cute little cafe which serves dandelion and burdock (if you’ve never had this OMG you need to try it, when I lived down south I could never find it!!!)  after a long walk.


The Beautiful coast at Robin Hoods Bay

A lot of the places I travel to are cities which I enjoy but it’s so busy, so I like to get rid of any cobwebs and get lost in the countryside and yes this sometimes means getting dirty. I find it so relaxing taking a 10 mile walk and taking in the fresh air even this time of year when it’s cold.


Another thing I love doing on my days off believe it or not is going away, yes yes I know I spend my life in hotels but being away in the UK is different as it’s still home. Plus the UK is so pretty with so many places to explore it’s hard to just stay in one place, I’m hoping next year Nick and I will be exploring more of Scotland with a little road trip!


I wouldn’t say I was a girly girl but I do enjoy shopping trips too and reading. I find it easy to get lost in a book especially if it’s Harry Potter (in the words of Nick: are you reading that again…) I love that you can escape the reality of the world. Forget any worries that you might have (a lot in my case) and just delve into words.



When I’m not in uniform or downroute you’ll often see me in jeans, hoodies, fleeces, trainers or my trusty walking boots! Classy I know but it keeps me healthy and also happy, plus the views we see on our walks are just breathtaking!!


Thank you once again for reading my little post, I thought people would like to get to know me a bit more.

What do you enjoy doing on your days off? Leave a comment and share your ideas!

Lindzze x

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