Sleepless in Seattle

A few weeks ago I did a lovely Seattle trip with a girl that I trained with and another girl who I got on with straight away.

We decided that we needed a touristy trip to see some of the sights of Seattle (unfortunately this didn’t involve the Boeing factory this time… Think nick would kill me if I went without him!) anyway after a long flight with the most amazing views we arrived at our hotel where the adventure began.

Seattle is not only the home of Boeing but also the home of Starbucks, so a trip to the first Starbucks store was on the cards especially because it was freezing! We expected a queue when we turned up however there was nothing, so we had a look at the mugs and then ordered our drinks taking photos with the sign they have inside! This store is not like your regular Starbucks they don’t serve any food and there’s no where really to sit as it gets really busy!!

Pike place market has got to be the most amazing market I’ve ever visited. The flowers are just breathtaking and the fish is so tasty, at the time we went they were starting to pack up and as a result offered us free samples of food. I’ve had the best smoked salmon I’ve ever tasted from there so if you’re a lover of fish I highly recommend it. We also stopped off at the store that throws the fish while shouting another thing to tick off the list for Seattle, this stall can also box up any fish you want and bring it home which is amazing!

After a long day it was time to head to bed and sleep for as long as we could. 8 hour time differences mean an early wake up so off we went to breakfast at a little diner called Lowell’s the view is great so I recommend waiting for a table with a window seat upstairs (see always looking out of a window!)

The gum wall, yep exactly what it says is a place that I think you have to visit even though it’s just a wall full of chewed gum. I have to admit it did make me feel a bit yucky but I want to say it’s a bit arty and a touristy attraction so you guessed it photos were taken and gum was chewed and added!

Obviously we couldn’t leave without another Starbucks visit on the corner of the market.

There is still so much I want to do in Seattle including the space needle not forgetting Boeing but for now this will do, until next time Seattle.

Thank you once again for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog posts as much as I enjoy writing them (when I think I have something interesting to write about)

Lindzze x

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