Where in the world am I going…January!

Well we somehow seem to be at the end of another year nearly. This year has gone super quick it’s made me realise to live everyday to the fullest!!

Thought I’d share with you where I’m off to in January! Of course this can change as I may try and swap a trip or two etc.

I’m starting the month off with a trip to Newark, haven’t done this trip in months in fact I can’t actually remember the last time so I’m looking forward to seeing this view again and taking a walk into Hoboken, obviously colder than when I took this photo!

My next trip will see me back to Delhi, the flights might be hard work what with the length and time difference but the massages and food there are amazing! Hoping to get some tasty food again, love a curry!

I then have a late standby block which is for 6 hours, although it can be stressful I try my best to pick a flight up for my standby block so at least I know what I’m doing, it’s the unknown that stresses me and makes me anxious but it’s part of my job so it’s fine.

To end the month I’m going back to New York and staying in Manhattan! I can’t wait to go back especially in the cold (love the cold if you didn’t know) will treat myself to a walk around Central Park and maybe if anyone else is up for it a trip to Tiffany’s!

My requests and preference for February are all in now so we’ll see what I get for my last roster at Heathrow before I head back to Manchester again!!

Thank you for reading, don’t forget to like and add any comments etc!

Lindzze x

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