2017 a little review

Hello 2018 and so long 2017! I thought I’d do a little post of the amazing things from this year as well as what I’ve learnt!

Nick and I have had a quite a few holidays this year both abroad and in the uk! The big ones were definitely New York in March for my birthday where we enjoyed the snow in Central Park and he begrudgingly took me to see Cats on Broadway (happy Lindzze). We’ve ticked another Concorde off our list at Intrepid which is a must when you’re in the big Apple!

We’ve moved back up north after spending 2 years down south! It has been the best decision ever and I have loved living back at home getting to see my Mum and Dad all the time (definitely a mummy and daddy’s girl haha!)

In the summer I spent my flying hours at Manchester which was so much fun, I’d go as far to say that it’s more social there than at Heathrow which is great for exploring! I’ll be back at Manchester very soon so get ready for the long trip reports which are basically holidays in my eyes!!

Nick decided he wanted to go back to Mexico what with all the storms around the Caribbean and we had a relaxing time not doing very much to be fair, sometimes it’s just needed. It was this trip I also got my first A380 ride back from Miami and I LOVED it poor Nick had to put up with basically a childish Lindzze!

In November we travelled to Copenhagen where we sipped copious amounts of hot chocolate glΓΆg (danish mulled wine!) Explored until our feet were ready to drop off and felt like king and queen in the castles! If you’ve never been I’ll be doing a post about it soon!

We’ve ended 2017 with a great family Christmas and spending new year with friends in the Cotswolds.

I’ve learnt not to take what people say to heart and hold my head high, I might not get huge amounts of viewers but I love what I do and to the people that read my posts I thank you and hope you continue to enjoy the posts! Also that I can do whatever I put my mind to and I should be more confident in myself.

2018 is going to be amazing, it can only be as amazing as you make it and I plan to make it the best!

Thank you once again!

Lindzze x

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