Where in the world am I going…February

Well my last Heathrow roster has arrived before I head back to Manchester for the summer and boy am I happy!

Starting the month with a block of standby, for those that haven’t read my blogs before this is basically 4 days where I’m on call and I could be called anyway between the times of 12:00 and 18:00. I’ll try my best to pick up a flight before hand just to make my life easier with my commute.

I’m then back to Miami, where I seemed to have spent all of December but it’ll be nice to head back and get some sun as well as visit my favourite cafe for some breakfast, News Cafe! I love this place especially getting to sit outside and enjoy the sun plus a bit of people watching haha.

My next trip is soooo exciting I have a 2 night Washington which I’ll be taking Nick on for sure (he doesn’t know this yet but he’ll be excited when I tell him!) I’ve only ever had one Washington before and when I went the weather was awful so we didn’t do anything. I’m planning on doing all the touristy things including the White House, the Zoo and all the memorials! If you have any recommendations please let me know!!

As some people know I am a HUGE lover of the Airbus A350 and have managed to get myself on the team of crew who are helping with enrolling this aircraft into our fleet!!! As you can imagine I am so happy and proud that I’m able to do this! I’m not really sure what this will entail but if I can tell you I certainly will! This is probably THE best thing on my roster for Feb and it doesn’t include any flying haha. I’m going to see where this role brings me hopefully I’ll be lucky enough to go to Toulouse when we start to get them next year!

Me and my favourite aircraft!

My last trip of the month at the minute is 2 nights in LAX, as much as I love an LAX due to home life I need to swap this so I don’t think this trip will happen! However watch this space…

I have a lot of days off at the end of the month due to me going back to Manchester which means I can plan things with Nick!! We have a lot going off with planning a wedding and our house is being built so we’re very busy bee’s!

Thank you once again for reading my posts!!

Lindzze x

One thought on “Where in the world am I going…February

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Lindzze
    Do you have stand-by every month?
    What are your tips for coping with stand-by, especially when you live so far from base?

    Thanks for your great blog. Enjoy your February roster. Xx


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