The Cabin Crew application and interview stage

I’ve had quite a few questions asked in regards to interview tips and also application mistakes.

First thing I’d say is that you might not get it on your first attempt, it took me 2 times with my current airline before I got the job and that doesn’t bother me at all! It shows that at the time I probably wasn’t ready and needed to work on myself. I worked on the ground for a year and a half which improved my confidence so much and then took the plunge again, this time getting that golden email!

On another note the lifestyle of Cabin Crew really isn’t for everyone, the one thing I’ve learnt and feel that people should know before they apply is that it can be a lonely job. Now I’m not saying that every trip you’ll be on your own but you have got to be ok with being by yourself, luckily I am and quite enjoy my own company (especially when it comes to shopping).

It also plays havoc with your body clock (some more than others) and at times there can be no one at home awake to message. Being awake in the middle of the night or landing somewhere that’s only 5pm in the evening and yet it’s 1am at home is so hard! Of course there are ways to deal with jet lag which I intend to do a post about but this can add to the loneliness.

Personalities play such a huge part in this job, I don’t mean you have to be mega loud and shouty shouty (if you were to meet me you’d know I’m quite a quiet person) but people will judge you and you might not like everyone in your crew and vice versa. In the application and interview process the airline want to see your personality shine through and that you’re friendly and easy to get on with.

So now that that is over with i’ll answer some of the questions I get and try and answer them as best I can (a video might have been better but nope not confident enough for that haha).

1. What is expected of me from the application/ telephone interview?

This stage is all about getting to know you, the application stage will have questions such as are you able to get a visa if applicable etc. They’ll usually have about 2 customer service questions and may have a word limit. Make sure you think of some great examples for this as it’s the first opportunity the airline will get to read about you.

Some airlines like to do a telephone/video interview this will involve customer service questions so have a few ready – I’ve mentioned some below but some of these can be found on the internet with a quick search. I recommend having a few ready as they might ask for another answer a stronger one so to speak.

2. What sort of questions will I be asked?

Customer service will 100% be asked about for example, tell me a time you went above and beyond etc. Another question that’s popped up I’ve been told is ‘Why our airline’ this is where you should amaze them with your skills about the airline ie. has it got personality! One question that always crops up is the typical ‘Why do you want to be cabin crew’ now here’s not what to say… I want to travel the world, yes I know you are getting paid to travel the world but that shouldn’t be the reason and the airline won’t accept that answer.

3. What happens on an assesment day?

Be patient this might be a long one!

Now I can’t speak for all airlines however I have had 3 cabin crew interviews with 3 different airlines. From memory all airlines will do a reach test, this is usually done by closing an overhead locker or reaching a pole on a wall and they’ll get you to sit in a jumpseat and fasten the harness. They’ll also ask you if you have any tattoos some airlines are a strict no and if you say yes they’ll send you straight home others will be ok as long as it’s not visible when wearing the uniform.

Team work is a huge part of the job – if something was to happen onboard you would never have to deal with it alone so a team excercise will always take place the key to remember is to look involved but not not take over. Maybe be the clock watcher as these are usually timed, read something out, take notes but also listen! Airlines want to see that you can work as part of a team, they aren’t really bothered about what you decide from the exercise they’re looking at how you interact.

My least favourite part from the interview has got to be the role play (eurgh even thinking about it makes me nervous). However they will give you time to prepare for the role play, as well as tell you who’s who ie. I’ll be the manager on board etc. There isn’t a right or wrong answer it’s just how you deal with the situation, one thing I’d say not to say is “Let me just speak to my manager’ sometimes it’s the simpliest things that can make the difference ie. offer a magazine if the entertainment onboard isn’t working etc etc there’s always something that can be done.

The last part of the day is the interview, this will mostly be about customer service again with examples so as said above think of a few. They’ll sometimes ask the same question but will be looking for a different answer so be prepared for that. Take your time and if you’re unsure of the question ask for it to be repeated. The final question is usually ‘Do you have any questions’ have one prepared even if it’s something as simple as when do you think I’ll hear back?

One thing to remember is you will be watched straight away so interact make friends be happy and show the recruiters how you can interact easily and relax!

My last bit of advice about the day would be to SMILE!!!! Remember they’re not trying to trick you they just want to see the best you can be so just be yourself at the end of it you have nothing to lose and I always tell myself if I get a no it’s interview experience and I’ll just apply again.

I hope this lengthy post (sorry about that) helps some of you out and if you have anymore questions PLEASE feel free to contact me with a comment or an email anything. I am more than happy to help you get started in your cabin crew career!

Once again thank you so much for reading my posts!

Lindzze x

5 thoughts on “The Cabin Crew application and interview stage

  1. Annie says:

    Great blog Lindzze!
    I’ve read through them all and loved reading about your travels. I’ve got an assessment day with your airline next month and very excited! Can’t wait to read more, they’ve been an invaluable insight to the life of crew. Did you have a choice about being based at Manchester for summer?

    Liked by 2 people

    • lindzzescott says:

      Hey Annie,
      Aw thank you so much and congratulations if you want any help please drop me an email etc etc. I did yes I live up north so it’s far easier to do summer in Manchester and have a few months back at Heathrow for me anyway! Xx


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