This post has been a long time coming and I apologise for that! Last year in November I had some time off work so, Nick and I decided to have a wintery break to the wonderful city of Copenhagen.

We booked our flights and hotel through British Airways (yes the enemy some might say but my other half works for them so sometimes we do use them) we even treated ourselves to Club Europe on our flights for those extra Avios points, plus it meant we could try out the lounge in terminal 5!

After eating a quick breakfast in the lounge we made our way to the gate ready for our 06:40am (yawn) flight on our A321. We had a lovely flight and the cabin crew were great. After a quick flight we made our approach with Sweden on one side and Copenhagen on the other. We then made our way to the hotel to get a cheeky early check in and headed into the city to begin our weekend.


We found the transport in Copenhagen very easy to use and it wasn’t overly busy like the London Underground can be! Our first stop that day was just to get our bearings, I hate not knowing where anything is so we decided to have a walk around the city. We came across the beautiful Rosenborg Castle. I’m a little bit obsessed with history so knew that one of the days we had to have a look around this but for now we walked through the grounds of this beautiful place. The food in Copenhagen is expensive however I wouldn’t let that put you off from going as it’s so yummy. We stopped at Cafe Norden where we had some dinner (lunch to some of you) and then had a walk through the shopping streets and bought some little bits to remember this trip!

IMG_9650With day 1 over it was time to head for breakfast at our hotel ready to start our day of sightseeing. Breakfast is an occasion in Copenhagen we found, where you would ask for a table for 2 etc in most places here you just sit with anyone. We started the day by going back to Rosenborg castle and actually looking around it, we found it to be very different to Castles that you get in the UK ie. Windsor Castle. They are very dark and not as large or grand in my opinion, nevertheless still amazing to look around so I definitely would recommend a visit.

After pretending to be King and Queen, it was Nick who decided our next tourist spot. The Carlsberg Exbeerience (yes they really say that). I don’t drink beer at all so I was so sceptical about this however I agreed to go because I’m a good fiancé! It’s really easy to get to as they provide a bus which you pick up outside the Central Station. Once you arrive you walk through a self guided tour which tells you the history of Carlsberg and you get to see the largest collection of unopened bottles (I enjoyed taking photos of this). My favourite part was walking outside and smelling what can only be described as HORSE! Now for those who have never owned horses before you will think I’m 1) crazy for saying that and 2) gross. However that smell to me is my favourite and it makes me feel happy like I can’t explain, following the smell I turned into a barn and there they were Jutland horses heads resting over the stable door ready for some attention. Nick the poor guy kind of just let me be knowing how happy horses make me and the fact I have a calming way with horses he was happy to let me be! Anyway, I became particulary attached to a fluffy mare called Lousie! After spending an hour (yes I can spend that long just cuddling and stroking a horse, could have gone longer) it was Nick’s favourite time. Time to try the beer which is included in your entry price, they have their own bar which provides food and other drinks (coca cola in my case). If you’re not interested in beer I would still recommend it as it is very interesting and I was very surprised that I enjoyed it (obviously the horses helped), we ended our time there with one last trip to the horses because I can never have enough time!

Nyhavn, probably THE most famous street and attraction in Copenhagen. The colourful houses with a canal in the middle of it, it’s full of beautiful bars, shops and restaruants. Being November there was a christmas market there which sold hot chocolate, the popular drink Glüg as well as food and products made in Copenhagen. I really liked this area and would say that if you walk away from this street it’s very touristy around so it’s a great place to start!

Not far from Nyhavn is the Little Mermaid statue which was a gift from Carl Jacobsen (the Carlsberg brewer) it is possible to get a photo of the statue without anyone in it but be careful as the rocks around her are slippery!


Across from the mermaid is a street food market and boy is it good, they cater for everyone from traditional food to typical foods such as pizza etc, there is something for everyone. We had a great time looking at all the stalls and grabbing a few different foods to try, I would definitely say that you should try it although I’m aware that a new area is opening in May this year. We ended this touristy day with some hot chocolate sitting outside with blankets provided by the cafe it was a lovely way to end our day and the last day of our little trip.

Don’t city breaks go really quickly, one minute you’re just arriving and the next it’s time to head back to the airport although if you’re an avgeek like me this is still exciting! Copenhagen airport is actually quite big but we also found it not very well signposted. We headed for the airport lounge and after eventually finding it we settled for a spot with a view of the aircraft taking off and at the gate. The food in the lounge wasn’t amazing but it filled a gap the main highlight in the lounge was the hot chocolate (I’m surprised I didn’t burst from the amount I drank) and the view!


After a few hours it was time to board our A319 back to Heathrow. The views on the way home were amazing we saw other aircraft in flight which normally on long haul you don’t really see and the views coming into London were breathtaking. Nick and I loved Copenhagen and would 100% return the people were friendly and there was a lot to do, yes it was expensive but we didn’t let that put us off at all!

I hope this has inspired you to try Denmark and you enjoyed reading this!

Thank you for returning as usual!

Lindzze x

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