What you don’t know about being cabin crew

You might not read many posts like this but I’m 100% sure it’s something that needs to be shared.

The life of cabin crew isn’t all about being glamorous, I mean it’s a big part, as they say we’re the face of the airline but it’s not all heels and lipstick.

Our Instagram accounts may be filled with beautiful sunsets, beaches, amazing cities and those uniform selfies but our trolley dolly life isn’t all sunshine and cocktails, it can be pretty lonely.

I’ve mentioned this in my previous post about Applications and interviews for cabin crew but I felt it needed more. I can guarantee that everybody who is cabin crew will at least once or twice feel lonely and have low days. It’s not because the role is boring or no one wants to spend a layover with you, but not all trips are going to be social and fun filled.

When everyone has checked into the hotel, got their key and closed that door we don’t know what’s going on behind that door. Some people enjoy a good relaxing time watching Netflix or reading a book, some people are happy enough to venture out on their own and then there are some who will be so lonely that they question why they chose this job. Trust me I’ve done it (there I said it) but I told myself that I’ve got these amazing opportunities that not everybody gets and to make the most of being able to pop to Central Park for a walk or go on a safari in Jo’burg (haven’t done it yet but on my list).

Whenever I’m downroute I like the crew I’m with, to know that if they need me for a quick chat or want to grab something to eat with someone I’m always available. Some crew might shrug it off but to someone who isn’t feeling amazing this could mean the world to them. Just to know that there is someone around should you need a bit of company which at times we all do!

I’m not trying to put everyone off from applying to this crazy lifestyle I’m just trying to raise awareness that yes, sometimes you might have to ask for a table for one or be a tourist by yourself. However, there will be times where you just click with someone or a group of people on a flight and spend all trip together (including sleepovers in your hotel rooms), not forgetting the perks of taking your friends or family to work. I love taking Nick to work with me it not only means time together but he gets to see how much I enjoy my job and how a day in the life of me is.

I’ve said before I’m going to do a post on jet lag and I will but I’m going to touch on it now as this can also add to the loneliness. Whilst it might be 6pm where you’ve just landed, it could be 2am back at home depending on the time difference, some people will go straight to bed however some will go out. This is where you workout what’s best for your body, some people like my other half really struggle with jet lag where as I don’t find it difficult at all. I know that being tired and different time zones can add to the feeling of being lonely, especially if something is going on at home or if you’ve had a bad day at the office.

I know this hasn’t been the usual upbeat post however it’s something that isn’t talked about enough. If you have anything to add to this please share or any questions again please ask!

Thank you once again for reading.

Lindzze x

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