Where in the world am I going… March

I know it’s March tomorrow, but I have been quite busy!

Anyway for those who don’t know, March and the rest of the summer will be spent flying out of Manchester. This is my choice as I live a lot closer to Manchester than Heathrow so this cuts my commute down which is helpful for me!

March is quite a quiet month still, even though it starts with the summer schedule. I start the month off with a 2 night trip to Barbados, I’m excited for a bit of sun but I never feel comfortable in summer clothes (I love winter)! This trip does land back into Gatwick which is annoying, however I’ve booked my train home rather than getting the transport my airline give me to get back to Manchester as a train is easier for me.

I have one block of standby so I don’t know where I’m going or if I’m going anywhere on this. I usually narrow it down by seeing what flights are going that day and what will fit my block (it sounds confusing but really isn’t as there aren’t as many flights from Manchester compared to Heathrow).

My next trip is another 2 night trip but to Atlanta, I’ve decided what I’m doing here already whether that be alone or I manage to get other crew to come with me who knows. I’m going to head to the Delta Museum and see what it’s like, in my eyes it’s the perfect way to spend a free day!

I then have just over a week off as it’s my birthday! Hoping the weather is kind so we can make plans. I’m looking forward to having a week off it means I can chill out and not have to think about packing I’m on a week off now but I’ve spent a lot of that time away with family.

My last trip of the months is another 2 nighter (how lucky am I) this time in New York!! I’m looking to do something different here so if you have any ideas please let me know, I’ve considered doing the museum near Central Park. If you have done this let me know if it’s worth it!

I’m actually really impressed with this roster and can’t wait to spend the summer out of Manchester. I really enjoyed it last year so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it this year too. April for me will 100% involve my annual exams (boo!) I’ve got my manual out and a new notebook ready to start revising. I never know the best way to revise so I’ll make notes and do practice exams. If you have some good ways please do share with me as these exams make me so nervous and scared!

Thank you once again for reading!

Lindzze x

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