Where am I going in the world… April

So Spring is finally here. The beautiful flowers are starting to pop out and my April roster is here although I’m posting this a bit late but life (again)!

I didn’t get my requests for April so it’s a bit of a boring month however this is a good thing as a I have my annual exams coming up this month so short repetitive trips means I can revise and won’t be tempted to go out!! 

My flights are literally Orlando, Atlanta, Orlando, Atlanta with SEP and then a 4 night Vegas at the end of the month (which I 100% need to get off). 

April will be a mega exciting month for Nick and I but all will be revealed hopefully in the coming weeks. 

Bit of a short post but there’s not much I can say about Orlando or Atlanta. Except that I’m looking forward to my routine again in Orlando haha sounds weird but i like when I get there I know what food I can get to eat that the gym is good and if I need some shopping I can pop to the mall or the outlets. 

I’ve got a few posts lined up now so keep a look out for them and thank you so much for reading! 

Lindzze x

Ps Happy Easter! 

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