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Standby surprise…. Vegas

I recevied the call that I'm needed for a 4 night trip to Las Vegas... the first thought that goes my head the HEAT and also hoping all the crew haven't all got companions (we can take friends and family with us on trips!).I rock up to crew check in and find the crew who… Continue reading Standby surprise…. Vegas

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Where In the World am I going… September

Summer seems to be going so quickly, bit scary really!Anyway I recevied my roster for September and as this may be my last Manchester one before I go back to London I'm actually quite happy with it.I've managed to swap my first trip for days off so it's given me a week off yay!! It's… Continue reading Where In the World am I going… September

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Staycations are so underrated 

I wouldn't normally post about something not involving my work or planes however I just had to blog about our time in Pembrokeshire, Wales!  I've been coming here for years now and I really do love it, the coastal scenery is something else and the weather is usually pretty good. We have our base near… Continue reading Staycations are so underrated 

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My flying skincare

I know not everyone will be interested in this, however I feel this is an important subject for anyone that travels regularly!  My skincare routine is pretty much solid now, I've worked out what my skin needs when and what works the best and what doesn't. All my skincare and make up is from The… Continue reading My flying skincare